This site principally deals with Lazarfeld and Klek in the region Banat (Serbia) and with genetic family research of Werner Kern. In the range of ancestry research I have created the family register Kern from Lazarfeld (Hungarian: Lazarföld, Serbian: Lazarevo, Swabian: Las`rfeld). This includes, as far as known, all ancestors of my father Josef Kern, born in 1931 in Lazarfeld and their offspring. It includes about 2000 people and many people of Lazarfeld or Klecks offspring will come across relatives. For the present all ancestor dates are created with PC-Ahnen. I have activated the data security for all persons who were born after 1920. Even the hamlet Klek is mentioned on this site, because many families have also forefathers from Lazarfeld as well as Klek, such as me. My grandfather Wenzel Kern was born in Lazarfeld/Banat and my grandmother Anna Potje was born in Klek/Banat. Also the surrounding villages Kathreinfeld, Sigmundsfeld, Setschan, Sarstcha and Ernsthausen are frequently mentioned on this site.


More explanations and comments will be carried out the next months. This homepage will be regularly updated. On this site you can also find private links and statements of Werner Kern and the extended family Kern, for example our trips to Greece with my camper and country music with line dancing.







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